March 11th, 2023:
EML further decarbonizes its fleet

After successfully trialling sustainable biofuel in 2021 the decarbonization of EML’s fleet accelerated in 2022.

Euro Marine Logistics (EML), a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL), has further continued its path to reduce the fleet's carbon footprint. The majority of EML's fleet has switched from conventional marine fuel to advanced sustainable biofuel since the successful biofuel trials on the car carrier City of Oslo in 2021.

Our biofuels are sourced from feedstocks that are based on strict sustainability criteria. All feedstocks used for marine biofuels on-board our vessels cannot compete with food production or cause deforestation. We only use biofuels with renewable feedstocks that are labelled as waste and residue, and cannot be repurposed for any higher quality application or recycling purposes.

During 23 deliveries in 2021 and 2022 (Q1 to Q3), EML's fleet vessels received close to 5,000 t of sustainable biofuel to replace fossil fuels. Across the entire value chain from well-to-wake, carbon emissions were reduced between 85% and 89% compared to fossil fuel equivalents.



Biofuel [mt]


2021 Apr 366 1
2022 Jan 64 2
  Mar 300 3
  Apr 193 2
  May 922 3
  Jun 896 3
  Jul 381 2
  Aug 956 3
  Sep 894 4

Grand Total