Cargo Acceptance

Units accepted for shipment must be:

Self-propelled and self-drivable. This means they are able to move independently and as a self-contained unit. This includes both up and down the vessel’s ramp and within the vessel, including up and down internal ramps if required. They must also be able to move both forward and backwards allowing stowage on the vessel. Units moving at less than 1 mph are not considered to be acceptable.​

      However, such units can be treated as a static which means can be lifted on board using a mafi trailer or directly on board.


  Units not designed to be self-propelled or self-drivable, i.e. trailers, are exempt from the  self-propelled / self-drivable conditions. However any braking systems must be in good working order.


In good working order for the entire duration of the shipment, units must:

Be free of oil and fluid leaks including engine oil, hydraulic oil, brake fluids etc.

Be capable of starting without outside assistance.

Have working and adequate brakes.


Have operational steering.


Please remember! 

  • In the event of a unit not meeting these conditions, EML reserves the right to refuse shipment of the unit, or abandon when already partly shipped. EML staff or our representatives have the final decision if a unit can be shipped.
  • If any unit is seen or suspected as a fire risk either prior to or during loading EML has the right to discharge the unit immediately (at POL) and refuse shipment. All costs subsequently incurred will be for the account of the Shipper.
  • The vehicles must be free of any personal effects, spare parts, used tires or other undeclared/un-manifested items within them. Vehicles may be rejected if such items are present.
  • Fuel tanks should be not more than 10 to 25% full. Full fuel tanks increase the extent of damage in the unlikely event of a hold fire. However, vehicles running out of fuel are no longer self-propelled and re-fuelling is also a fire risk. Vehicles not meeting these guidelines can be rejected for shipment, or if already loaded, the Shipper becomes liable for all potential costs incurred.
  • Used cargo propelled by LPG cannot be shipped due to safety issues.